Research Portfolio

Μονή πατρίδα, τα παιδικά μας χρονιά
(Graffito on a wall in Athens, 20th century)

Since 2022: Senior Researcher (tenure track) at the Department of Human and Social Sciences, University of Naples “L’Orientale” (Italy)

  • Research lines: Cultural history of biblical and apocryphal texts; Method and theory in the comparative study of religion; Orality and writing in antiquity

2017 – 2021: Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Department of New Testament Studies, and then at the Centre for Advanced Studies “Beyond Canon”, University of Regensburg (Germany)

  • Research lines: Extra-canonical sayings of Jesus and Paul; Reading and writing practices in ancient Christianity; Religious heterotopias in late antiquity (with a focus on popular theatre and visual culture)

2014 – 2016: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (DFG Eigene Stelle) at the University of Regensburg (Germany)

  • Research project: “Intertextuality and the Arts of Resistance: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on the Sixth Book of Ezra”

Since 2013: Member of the CISSR Scientific Committee (Centro Italiano di Studi Superiori sulle Religioni – Italian Centre for Advanced Studies on Religions)

  • Member of the CISSR Scientific Committee for the Annual Meetings on Christian Origins
  • Co-chair of the Research Units on “Christian Origins: Modern Myths and Historical Representations” and “Early Groups of Jesus’ Followers”
  • Web Content Editor of the CISSR website

2013 – 2014: Adjunct Researcher at the Department of Human Sciences, University of Catania (Italy)

  • Research project: “Early Christian Groups in Corinth (1st–2nd Cent.): Gender Dynamics, Plurality, and Conflict” – FIRB 2012

2010 – 2012: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Humanities, University of Udine (Italy)

  • Research project: “The Theodorian Mosaic Floor and the Beginnings of Christianity in Aquileia (3rd – 4th Cent.)”

2008 – 2009: Independent Scientific Collaborator, CISEC (Interdepartmental Centre for Religious Studies), University of Bologna (Italy)

  • Research project: “The Quest of the Historical Jesus before Reimarus (16th – 18th Centuries)”
  • Research project: “The Transmission of the Words of Jesus from the 1st to the 7th Century”
  • Founding member of the Italian Research Group on the Historical Jesus
  • Webmaster and Content Editor of the CISEC website

Since 2008: Freelance Editor, Reader, and Editorial Consultant. Working for publishing houses, private agencies, and individual scholars

  • May – June, 2013: Collaboration in the editorial project “Vita Adami et Evae” (Turnhout: Brepols), coordinated by the IRSB (Institut Romand de Sciences Bibliques), University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

2007: Visiting Scholar at the Autonomous Faculty of Protestant Theology, University of Geneva (Switzerland)

  • Research project: “Orality and Literacy in Early Christianity”

2005 – 2007: Ph.D. in Religious Studies, University of Bologna (Italy)

  • Ph.D. Dissertation: “The Transmission of Jesus’ Words in the Letters of Paul” (Advisors: Mauro Pesce, Univ. of Bologna; Enrico Norelli, Univ. of Geneva)
  • Sept. 2005: Summer School on Anthropology, History, and Religions (University of Bologna, E.P.H.E. Paris, University of Turin)

2004 – 2010: Participation in the activities of the National Research Group on Jewish History and Christian Origins (Universities of Bari, Bologna, Rome, Turin, Udine) – PRIN (National Research Programme)

  • “Trasformazioni del cristianesimo dal I al VII secolo: mutamenti e continuità nelle forme di convivenza comunitaria, politica e culturale” (2004–2006)
  • “Cristianesimo e mondo mediterraneo: pluralità, convivenze e conflitti religiosi tra città e periferie (I-VIII secolo)” (2006–2008)
  • “Forme e strutture comunitarie del cristianesimo (I–IX secolo) fino alle soglie della formazione dell’Europa” (2008–2010)

2002 – 2003: M.A. Degree (Laurea, v. ord.) in Humanities / Lettere e Filosofia, University of Trieste (Italy)

  • Focus: History of Religions (Advisor: Ileana Chirassi Colombo)First-class honours degree (summa cum laude)