Paolo e le parole di Gesù

Luigi WALT, Paolo e le parole di Gesù. Frammenti di un insegnamento orale.
Brescia: Morcelliana, 2013. 520 pages.


Paul and the Sayings of Jesus: Fragments of an Oral Teaching

Paul’s authentic letters are deemed to be the earliest surviving ‘Christian’ writings of any kind. Also for this reason, scholars still debate about the extent and form in which the early Jesus tradition may have been known to Paul. What did the apostle actually know about Jesus? Was Paul totally uninterested in the life and teaching of the ‘earthly’ Jesus, as often assumed by a good many scholars? And what can be said about the role played by Paul in the development of the oral gospel traditions? After placing Paul’s letters within the framework of ancient oral-scribal communication practices, this book seeks to offer an answer to all these questions, thanks to a systematic exploration of ninety selected passages from the Pauline corpus that contain – or may contain – allusions to Jesus’ sayings. The result is a fresh picture of the oral gospel preached by Paul, as well as an overall reappraisal of the apostle’s ‘unthought debt’ to the early Jesus tradition.

ISBN-10: 8837227000 / ISBN-13: 978-8837227005

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